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Sun Dec 7 19:24:12 CET 2003

The Grimm Brothers traveled throughout the countryside in Germany, Austria and 
parts of Switzerland, talking with the elderly country folk, chronicalling 
their oral folktales. They took verbatim notes, even describing the tone, 
gestures and facial expressions of the taleteller. They became so famous for 
doing that, that later, people came to see them at their home in Frankfurt. 
Even French people sent written manuscripts or orally told several of the 
French oral folktales to them. Having several different versions of many of the 
folktales, the Grimm Brothers had to amalgamate them into one "official" 
version.  They chose the most interesting story version, or scene; and in some 
cases, imbellished them with more interesting dialogue.  They did NOT write any 
new tales.  All their compiled folk tales are from the Germanic or French 
traditional oral folktales.

Rob Klein

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