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Thanks to you and everyone who was so kind to contribute on this slightly
off-topic thread (I just recalled we're not supposed to deal with cartoons
in here, officially, nor movies, even if Disney's... :-)

>Disney himself granted permission for the use of Mickey, the pigs, and 
>their tune, which doesn't seem totally surprising, since he himself used 
>caricatures of Stan and Ollie in some of his cartoons from the thirties (and 
>at least "Mickey's Gala Premiere" predated "Toyland")

I should have remembered the (animated) Stan & Ollie in "Gala Premiere",
of course, as a proof of the good relationships between the two Studios.

Why, if there wasn't an agreement we would probably know Hal Roach to
these days as "the toothless producer", since Disney would have sued
him for his back teeth and then some... :-)

>Of course, in 1961, Disney did his own version of the film

Never seen that. Did it feature the Pigs and Mickey as well ?

Actually, I just recalled the very first I heard of Annette Funicello was
in a "Peanuts" gag another 20 or 30 years ago, and that I was surprised
to find out, some time later, that it was a real person and not a 

BTW, the very same happened to me with Sacco & Vanzetti...

>Interestingly, in 1939, Laurel approached Disney for a possible animation of 
>the horse in the final scene of "The Flying Deuces", but, as you will guess 
>correctly, if you have seen that film, without success

Well, they managed to make that horse quite convincingly recognizable
as Ollie nevertheless... :-)


Eta Beta

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