Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse strips

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Thank you very much for your answer,
I've just bought Mickey Mouse 30/55, i hope dialogue would be like
If there are many people who collect disney comic,
Is there in USA someone (or 100.000) who collect strips about donald, mickey
and so on, who interesting to ... his collecting?
Do I think anythimg wrong?
I'm very sorry for my bad english!!
                                      Paolo Bontempi

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> Oggetto: Re: Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse strips
> Hello Paolo!
>> I'm from Italy, I'm  a disney comics collector.
>> I would like to start collection (not necessary original) daily strips and
>> sunday pages of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck silly simphonies in english
>> text,Is there anyone could help me?
> The reason why nobody answered your question the first time is,
> I guess, nobody can help you much...
> There is, for all practical purposes, only a series of the
> Mickey Mouse dailies 1930-1955 produced some 20 years ago
> in quite complicated circumstances, which have been recently
> discussed here, I guess we could call that edition "the german
> portfolio" to make things a tad simpler right now...
> A few copies of that edition are still available somewhere,
> I can't help you with a direct source but I guess the
> Galerie Laqua might be a good place to start, don't have
> the address handy right now but you'll easily find their
> site with with a net-search.
> Mind you, the price of that edition would be rather steep,
> I guess, in the four-digit department, and the quality,
> although opinions vary, is not very good (it was a self-
> production by a group of fans, let me put it this way in
> order, again, to cut a long story short...)
> And that's all there is of collected editions in English
> language, I'm afraid...
> Next best thing would be looking for Gladstone albums and
> comics from the 80-90s, where strips material was often
> reprinted, and/or the older Dell/Gold Key issues from
> the 40-70s.
> There's plenty of this kind of stuff to be found at Ebay
> for instance, at prices that vary from a pittance to
> absolutely ridiculous...
> Good Luck!
> Cheers!
> Eta Beta
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