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Eta Beta eega at
Sat Dec 13 13:46:19 CET 2003

Hello Paolo!

>I'm from Italy, I'm  a disney comics collector.
>I would like to start collection (not necessary original) daily strips and
>sunday pages of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck silly simphonies in english
>text,Is there anyone could help me?

The reason why nobody answered your question the first time is,
I guess, nobody can help you much...

There is, for all practical purposes, only a series of the
Mickey Mouse dailies 1930-1955 produced some 20 years ago
in quite complicated circumstances, which have been recently
discussed here, I guess we could call that edition "the german
portfolio" to make things a tad simpler right now...

A few copies of that edition are still available somewhere,
I can't help you with a direct source but I guess the
Galerie Laqua might be a good place to start, don't have
the address handy right now but you'll easily find their
site with with a net-search.

Mind you, the price of that edition would be rather steep,
I guess, in the four-digit department, and the quality,
although opinions vary, is not very good (it was a self-
production by a group of fans, let me put it this way in
order, again, to cut a long story short...)

And that's all there is of collected editions in English
language, I'm afraid...

Next best thing would be looking for Gladstone albums and
comics from the 80-90s, where strips material was often
reprinted, and/or the older Dell/Gold Key issues from
the 40-70s.

There's plenty of this kind of stuff to be found at Ebay
for instance, at prices that vary from a pittance to
absolutely ridiculous...

Good Luck!


Eta Beta

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