More pigs / Mother Goose

Eta Beta eega at
Sat Dec 13 14:09:44 CET 2003


>> And I can't help quoting one of the best gags, the (fake) evidence
>> of the pignapping found at Tom's place and produced before
>> Old King Cole in the form of...
>> 1 - A sailor's hat
>> 2 - A fiddle
>> 3 - A roll of sausages... :-)
>But those sausages didn't taste like pig.  Tasted more like pork.

That's Stan, casually nibbling at the evidence... :-)


>Tom, Tom, the Piper's son

And this first line explains, I guess, why the character was
actually called "Tom-Tom Piper" in the L&H movie :-)

Well, guess we'd better stop now... thanks again everyone,
I learned quite a few new interesting details.


Eta Beta

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