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Sat Dec 13 16:54:03 CET 2003

OLIVIER (not Laurence) wrote re Gyro:

>>> I wonder: Doesn't he know his own worth, or is it that he simply doesn't
>>> care about money or status?
<<He does not care. there are several gags in Barks and Rosa stories about the
ridiculously price of  his inventions: Helper changes the price, or he only
earns $0.50 and the other $100000 are for the material needed to build the

This is quite correct, and it puts me in mind of another character: Launchpad.
Launchpad was frequently criticized for being an inadequate substitute for Donald on DUCKTALES, but many of those who didn't like him made the mistake of assuming that he was meant to be a "stand-in" for Donald.  Launchpad, unlike Donald, is not really interested in the quick buck and the easy road to success.  He has a healthy ego, as would any daredevil pilot, but he plies his trade strictly for the glory and the excitement of it, rather than for any major cash consideration.  He is not animated by the passions that drive Donald, and as a result, he interacts with Scrooge, the nephews, and other characters in the Duck universe in a fundamentally different manner.

Chris Barat

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