Answer to Magnus about "cameos"

Cèsar Ferioli cferioli at
Sun Dec 14 16:41:17 CET 2003

Blue circle: Xavi
Yellow circle: I wasn't thinking on Carl Barks but I admit there's some

It's hard to find a lot of carichatures of "real" people in my work, partly
for having a more simple storytelling, partly for avoid legal troubles. In
spite of that sometimes I can't help myself of drawing some people from time
to time, trying of portraiting only people I know very well, I mean, being
sure of their permission, although I didn't ask them for.

Here you are some recent samples I can remember:
-In the last part of Mythos you can find Paco Rodriques in the Taj Mahal
picture, and Ulrich Schröder in the Paris one.
-In D 2003-151 "Quest for rest" There's my selfportrait in page 3, as the
guy in black shirt reading a book (I was just returned from Sweden in a
-"An impish bad birthday". You can find my good friend Byron Erickson
spinning in mid air (a joke!)
-"Life of a dog" (I'm not sure about the title) script from Jeff Hamill. Pat
Mc Greal's the butcher who's chasing young Pluto who's stolen him some

There are more samples, I think. If you're really interested at those
"cameos" I can make an effort looking for more of them. But... Why don't you
look for them yourselves? It could be funny...

>From a really sunny afternoon in Catalonia (Very similar in weather to
California) :-)

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