Mickey in shorts (was Cesar Ferioli/ Mickey)

Lars Jensen lpj at forfatter.dk
Mon Dec 15 11:11:44 CET 2003

Fabio Blanco wrote:

> I am intriguing about he the short pants look. I think I like better
> because feels like the real Mickey not like the late Andy Panda...
> hehehe
> Anyway I am wonder if that look is popular maybe in the north Europa.

I suspect the shorts look is more popular than the "fully dressed" look.
If only because current Mickey stories are far more popular than the
"late Murry and beyond" 1970s-1980s material.

> I don't think the publishers everywhere thinks same way.
> My question come from a chat I'd have with a publisher about some
> looks of the characters.

The Argentinian publisher doesn't like the shorts?


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