Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse strips H.W.Fluks at
Mon Dec 15 11:18:15 CET 2003

Paolo Bontempi:

> I've just bought Mickey Mouse 30/55, i hope dialogue would be like
> original...

All texts are exactly like in the original newspaper strips.

Eta Beta:

> Mind you, the price of that edition would be rather steep,
> I guess, in the four-digit department, and the quality,
> although opinions vary, is not very good (it was a self-
> production by a group of fans, let me put it this way in
> order, again, to cut a long story short...)

Opinions vary, indeed.
I think the quality is the best that one could get at the time.
But I bought it at a 3-digit price, and would probably not have bought it at current prices...


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