Question about Don Rosa's family tree

Stefan Persson spe at
Tue Dec 16 12:26:31 CET 2003

Daniel van Eijmeren wrote:
>>Version without sidebar: Norwegian "Verdens Gang" of 1993-07-03
> Is this an official publication? By Disney?

No, that's a Norwegian newspaper.  There was a similar newspaper 
publication containing the version *with* sidebar in Sweden (in 
Aftonbladet), making it hard to determine which publication of the tree 
with sidebar that should be considered the first one.  The KA 1/94 
publication was actually in four parts, ending in KA 4/94, while the 
Aftonbladet publication was only in one part.  The first part in KA was 
published before the AB publication, while the last part in KA was 
published after the AB publication.  So, which is to be regarded the 
"first" publication of that story? ;-)

On a side note, the AB information is not properly indexed in Inducks. 
The date was somehow messed up with a similar print in Upsala Nya 
Tidning (a different newspaper).  Inducks contains this (hidden) 
information in ancient input format:

AF        h1 Aftonbladet / Upsala Nya Tidning
AF940331 RD 9400b       2 f                 DD

94-03-31 is too late for Aftonbladet, so I'd guess that this is when it 
was published in UNT.  Does anyone know the exact dates for both (or 
any) of the publications, so that this information may be added to Inducks?

>>In WDC 600, the version without sidebar was used (as you can see on COA).
> No, I can't. I can only see that it has "changes". By just looking at COA, 
> I cannot know if those changes are the very same as in other publications.
> In other words: I got you here! (Didn't I?) :-)

No, you did not: click on "Walt Disney's Comics (and Stories) 600" and 
go down to the info about the tree:

 > Changes: sidebar with DA,AMJ,GY,HLP is missing


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