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Tue Dec 16 22:36:56 CET 2003

> From: Botto Armando <Armando.Botto at>
> From: Don Rosa [mailto:donrosa at]
> > Yes, I'd like to think, for fun, that Daisy is the brother of
> > HD&L's long lost father...
> ... so, Donald has been dating a transvestite for all these
> years, huh? Wait
> till they hear about *that* at Disney...
> (Sorry, couldn't resist ;-))

That message was just sow sweat!

> From: "Daniel van Eijmeren" <dve at>
> Isn't there any website which collects the information that you give
> about your work?

I don't know. I have no website and only supply info to others on request.
Fans are naturally free to do whatever they wish.

> >So. Is that one project or two?
> Two projects, I'd say.

You would? I went on, or so I thought, to prove it was only one single
project. Oh, well...

> The first project (without sidebar) is the original version, created
> by you alone.
> The second (with sidebar) is a version created by you and the editor.

No. The entire Tree was created by me and an editor because I drew the Tree
small and the portraits large. The editors (or somebody) inserted the
portraits into the tree and did all the other work. The sidebar was created
the same way the main Tree was. And it was created at the same time by the
editor, even though I did the additional portraits a bit later.

> BTW. Is the first version (without sidebar) the one published by
> Gladstone, in WDC 600? Or is it a changed version, or even a third
> project?

You're not listening to my explanation. The full Tree with the sidebar was
all created at the same time by  Egmont (editor or functionary or whoever).
Gladstone decided to leave off the sidebar simply because it would not fit
their double page spread. Simple.

> I second that. I think that the sidebar/portraits should be considered
> like the extra comic book pages.

Yes. And therefore they are part of the same single project as the main
Tree. Just an extra which can be used or not used. You seem to be
contradicting yourself?

> So, I think that it's important to determine if the sidebar is always
> the very same one. Used as one whole piece of art. Is that the case?

As far as I know.

> I'm feeling very fuzzy at the moment. It seems like I have been
> contradicting myself, but I don't know how.

Aha. I was right! (I'm answering these comments as I read through the

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