Olaf's bar (OT)

Olaf Solstrand olaf at andebyonline.com
Tue Dec 16 23:44:40 CET 2003

> Well, you could have ignored that newspaper publication. You were not 
> obliged to look at it, but apparently you were too weak to resist it. :-)

I know you're right, and that this is no excuse, but I was reading that 
paper anyway, and suddenly I opened the newspaper and there it was. Even in 
the middle of a donaldistic article, if I remember right, and donaldistic 
articles in newspapers are so rare that they're a must-read.

Yes, I was too weak to resist it. When someone shove a chocolate bar into 
my mouth using force, I swallow it - I don't take it out and rewrap it. 
That's the way I am.

(is eating chocolate now)

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