Re: Olaf and Olivier-- Daniël's Site

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Sun Dec 21 18:40:21 CET 2003


>>> The site is still heavily under construction, so that's why I rarely
>>> mention it. The URL is:

Wait a minute. I do know ths site! I didn't know it was yours! This is one
of  the best sites I know.

>>> It's a long-term project. But I'm too impatient for that. In my head,
>>> the whole thing already is finished. So, in real-life, it looks like
>>> one big todo-list to me.

Same here. I have lots of  ideas for my site but don't have time to work on
it. I do try to do a little update once in a while, because I don't intend
to give it up, but it's tough.

Happy holidays
& Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukah (though I'm afraid I'm too late :( )
to all of  you!


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