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>> Hm... I notice that in INDUCKS (or COA?), at least _two_ stories 
>> are listed as Donald's first appearance...

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> Mickey Mouse Annual doesn't have the very same Donald Duck as we 
> know him. English 1932 appearance is more of like coincidence: a 
> duck-character just having the same name. I think this was 
> discussed here some time ago.

I have such a publication mentioned as 'The Adventures of Mickey Mouse' 
(1931 booklet). 

'The Adventures of Mickey Mouse' (1931) tells about Mickey's life "in 
the old barn and the barnyard". In the illustrated story, his "many 
friends" are listed. Beside Minnie Mouse, Henry Horse, Carolyn Cow, 
Patricia Pig, Clara Cluck, and Robert Rooster, the name Donald Duck 
is mentioned. The accompanying group portrait does not contain a duck, 
but a small little duck is shown in an illustration elsewhere in the 

According to my files, I took this information from Dutch article 
'1934 - 1984 Donald Duck Vijftig Jaar?' in "Donald Duck 50 Jaar In 
Beeld" (Oberon specialreeks nr. 6), published as a special release 
of Dutch weekly 'Donald Duck Weekblad', 1984.

Is this information correct? 

If so, how does this match with Inducks? Is 'The Adventures of Mickey 
Mouse' a booklet title on its own? Or is it the the title of the story 
that's part of that Mickey Mouse Annual? Or does Mickey Mouse Annual 
contain a reprint? Or... etc.

In the Carl Barks Library, there might also be some information about 
this first appearance of a character named Donald Duck, but I'm not sure. 
If it's in there, does someone know where?

--- Daniël

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