Reprints in Uncle Scrooge #327

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Mon Dec 22 00:46:02 CET 2003


> UNCLE SCROOGE #327 This issue includes Carl Barks' classic "Chugwagon 
> Derby," a re-telling of his own earlier "The Hard Loser," along with 
> a reprinting of Don Rosa's classic "Curse of Nostrildamus," from his 
> Gladstone years. [...] Prestige Format. SC, 7x10, 64pg, FC $6.95 

According to COA, these stories have both been reprinted in 1997, in 
album format:

At that time, I grabbed the chance to have Rosa's "Curse of Nostrildamus" 
in a nice album format. So, I could comfortably read it over and over 
again, anytime I wish. And now, only about six years later, an upcoming 
prestige comic will contain the whole thing again, in a smaller size...

And why? There is still lots of Rosa material that hasn't been printed 
in USA so far. A lot of people have been waiting and wishing for years 
to finally see that new Rosa material. Then, why this re-reprint? People 
who've never seen it in the USA before, can go to those many auction 
sites where the original Gladstone publications are sold. They have had 
about five years of time to do that, when there were no Disney comics 
in the USA.

The remaining pages of Uncle Scrooge #327 will contain the stories "The 
Golden Throne Legend", "Gall in the Family", and a "bonus Gyro Gearloose 
story". I'm curious to see these stories. Too bad, the issue isn't just 
full of these such new stories. (I mean, these three stories are no 
reprints, or are they?) I hope they will get a lot of attention, despite 
the Barks and Rosa fillers.

BTW. Does the word "bonus" mean that the issue contains more than 64 pages?

Again, I apologize for being so hot-headed, but I'm afraid that this path
will lead to the situation of *again* having no Disney comics in the USA, 

I expected so much of the resurrection of USA Disney comics. I can't 
believe that this is what I've been waiting for, all that time.

--- Daniël (not angry, but sad)

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