Tom Kirk (OT) / Christmas greetings

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Mon Dec 22 03:17:53 CET 2003

DCML DIGEST, VOL 10, ISSUE 5, 03-12-2003:

> Griffin writes: "Supposedly [Tom Kirk] got too frisky with a 
> boyfriend at a public pool in Los Angeles, and the other boy's 
> mother found out about it and went to Disney," he says. "They 
> called Tommy in and fired him."

That will learn him, trying to imitate the copyrighted characters 
Chip 'n Dale, with his friends!

But seriously, I'm glad that those gay-unfriendly times are over now, 
once and forever!

No, that wasn't a serious comment at all. Unfortunately.
If only people could just live and let live... 
Is that so difficult?

Well, now I'm so preachy, I'll grab this opportunity to wish every one a 
happy Christmas, and most important a peaceful future, in every single 
heart and mind. With all the wars, fights, and quarrels, there's still a 
long but thankful way to go. And *every* individual can help to give the 
world a friendly face.

--- Daniël

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."
John Lennon (killed in 1980 by a fan, but still going strong)

P.S. *Immediately* after writing this, I suddenly hear him pop up on the 
radio, singing the song 'Happy X-mas (War is over)'... What a timing!

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