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MADS JENSEN, 16-12-2003:

> I read the timeline in "Carl Barks Conversations" by Donald Ault, 
> and very surprised to read that Barks 2nd wife had also helped 
> lettering and doing backgrounds on some of his comics. I think 
> I've seen some lettering that looked different than both Garé's 
> (the thin style) and Barks' (the more thicker style), and I've 
> been wondering if that might have been Clara's style !?

Can you give clear examples of what you recognize as being lettering 
by Carl, Clara, or Garé?

> How much did she actually help with regarding the comics ?

In the Barks interview by Donald and Lynda Ault, conducted on 13-14 
June 1997, Barks mentions she started out doing his blacking, solid 
blacks, and even inked the borders around the panels. She did that 
for a while, before she became an alcoholic. (page 181)

It would be nice to discover that Clara did some lettering, too. 
But the different lettering may also have been done by Barks's 
editor. So, that's why I would like to know where exactly you've 
found instances of that elusive, mysterious third letterer.

> Can someone give me more info on this ?

I'm curious, too!

--- Daniël

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