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Wed Dec 24 06:20:15 CET 2003

GARY LEACH, 22-03-2003:

> On the whole, I wouldn't argue with what's been said in the past 
> couple of digests about Gemstone's reprintings.  (Except about 
> going to e-Bay - I don't remotely agree with that reasoning.) 

I didn't necessarily mean auction sites alone. I should have mentioned 
the second-hand market as a whole. And via internet, it's relatively 
easy to find old publications of material by - for example - Barks, 
Rosa, Van Horn, etc. 

Trying to get old comics on the second-hand market is a very important 
(and enjoyable) part of comic book collecting, at least here in The 
Netherlands. And so far, most Barks stories are still available in 
some form or another. Also in English.

> As to the print quality of some of the Barks we have reprinted, 
> I would like to see that improve, too. We're working on it?and not 
> entirely alone, either. If all goes well, this next year may well 
> bring about some significant developments concerning the entire 
> Barks canon.

What do you mean?

--- Daniël

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