Re: Re-re-re-reprints -- Daniël's quiz

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Wed Dec 24 11:04:27 CET 2003

>>>> "Yikes! How can anything that stuffs itself with HAY be so HARD?"
>>>> Which Barks story?

>From the start, i thought of  cowboys. This somewhat rings a bell.

>>>> Hint #1: cowboys
>>>> Hint #2: Donald's nephews

I had thought of  Donald at first.

>>>> Hint #3: wolf

I've been thinking of  the Grandma's farm story for some time; in one of
the episodes, the nephews play cowboys and ride sheep, and find them hard
once Grandma has shaved their wool away. This wolf  hint seems to confirm my
guess-- the big bad wolf  rustles sheep; at the end, Grandma leaves
saddle-shaped spots of  wool on the sheep for the boys to ride.
I don't remember the original title. I think it was reprinted in Gladstone
album which I missed.
I would very much like such stories as this and the Junior Woodchuck stories
to be reprinted.

Have a very nice day!


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