Answer to hard hay quiz / Wolf quiz

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Wed Dec 24 17:35:04 CET 2003

OLIVIER to me, 24-12-2003:

>> "Yikes! How can anything that stuffs itself with HAY be so HARD?"
>> Which Barks story?
> I've been thinking of  the Grandma's farm story for some time; in 
> one of the episodes, the nephews play cowboys and ride sheep, and 
> find them hard once Grandma has shaved their wool away.

You're right about the story, which is 'Sheepish Cowboys' (OS 1010). 
On the first page, one nephew is complaining about the uncomfortable 
hard back of Grandma's horse Dobbin. 

Looking at the story, I think Barks drew a *very* good Zeke Wolf. 
There has been another occasion in which Barks working on a production 
that contained the Big Bad Wolf. Quiz question: Do you know which one?

--- Daniël

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