Barks quiz - Twelve quotes of Christmas

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Wed Dec 24 18:02:59 CET 2003

And now, on Christmas Eve, Santa Daniël's Christmas present: 
A Barks Christmas quote quiz. Twelve quotes in total. Enjoy!

 1. "SELL him? For the love of jingle bells! Who would want a REINDEER?"

 2. "It's a shame to spend our Christmas savings, but what else can we 
    do in a case like this?" 
    (Picture shows a piggy bank.)

 3. "It's going to be EASY to buy that turkey, it won't even be fun!"

 4. "Yimminy Christmas! Heavens to betsy!" 
    (Barks character reading a message, received from a bearded sonny.)

 5. "Man! For that kind of surfin' I'll double my donation to the 
    Christmas fund!"

 6. "Here is the deed - all filled out! Sign it on the dotted line!"

 7. "If I can keep anything BAD from happening to it, I may get a 
    four-dollar bonus for Christmas!" 
    (Page shows a Disney character with a shovel and a wheelbarrow.)

 8. "I'd be satisfied with something SIMPLE for a Christmas present - 
    say a new GOLD MINE, for instance!

 9. "I'll drive this pernicious pellet clear to Christmas!" 
    (Picture shows a Barks character on a chimney.)

10. "By jingo! I'll lock up shop and go to Grandma Duck's for a 
    Christmas vacation!"

11. "Well, I'm on my way to Christmas dinner! Who says that CRIME 
    doesn't pay?"

12. "Here goes, men! Merry Christmas, Mexican style!"

--- Daniël

P.S. Be fast with your answers. I might forget the sources if I get 
too much ginger beer and root ale in the next few days. Cheers! %-)

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