Barks quiz - Twelve quotes of Christmas

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Wed Dec 24 18:45:49 CET 2003

>>> And now, on Christmas Eve, Santa Daniël's Christmas present:
>>> A Barks Christmas quote quiz. Twelve quotes in total. Enjoy!

Here are my guesses-- i haven't checked the stories, only the references (on
my site).

>>>  1. "SELL him? For the love of jingle bells! Who would want a REINDEER?"

Not me. How about a (hammy) camel? Not that I think it's the story, but at
least it's an answer.

>>>  2. "It's a shame to spend our Christmas savings, but what else can we
>>>     do in a case like this?"      (Picture shows a piggy bank.)

Sounds familiar.

>>>  3. "It's going to be EASY to buy that turkey, it won't even be fun!"

WDC&S something, where Donald decides to win a turkey in a raffle rather
than buy it; and, of course, he enters a no-win luck competition with
Gladstone. (WDC&S 136, Jan '52-- "Gladstone's Usual Very Good Year").

>>>  4. "Yimminy Christmas! Heavens to betsy!"
>>>     (Barks character reading a message, received from a bearded sonny.)

Familiar too.

>>>  5. "Man! For that kind of surfin' I'll double my donation to the
>>>     Christmas fund!"

I guess that's from the surfing story, where Scrooge asks Donald to trade
clothes so that he can avoid all the societies that want Christmas donations
(WDC&S 280, Jan '64-- "Double Masquerade")-- my favorite one is the fund for
cowboys who can't yoddle (Shacktwon story).

>>>  6. "Here is the deed - all filled out! Sign it on the dotted line!"

No idea.
I can think of  only two deeds: "Donald's Bay Lot" (WDC&S 51, Dec '44--
might be the one, calendar-wise) and "A Stone's Throw from Ghost Town"
(WDC&S 271, April '63).

>>>  7. "If I can keep anything BAD from happening to it, I may get a
>>>     four-dollar bonus for Christmas!"
>>>     (Page shows a Disney character with a shovel and a wheelbarrow.)

No idea. :(

>>>  8. "I'd be satisfied with something SIMPLE for a Christmas present -
>>>     say a new GOLD MINE, for instance!

Very funny. Maybe the one where Scrooge "bah"s at the calendar; the nephews
want a chemist set, Donald a new truck, and the city new paved streets
(WDC&S 268, Jan '63).

>>>  9. "I'll drive this pernicious pellet clear to Christmas!"
>>>     (Picture shows a Barks character on a chimney.)

Funny and certainly nothing to do with Christmas. Can't remember.

>>> 10. "By jingo! I'll lock up shop and go to Grandma Duck's for a
>>>     Christmas vacation!"

Gyro is overworked and decides to take a holiday at Grandma's farm, but
naturally he can't stop inventing (Christmas Parade 8, Dec '56-- "Grandma's
Christmas Present").

>>> 11. "Well, I'm on my way to Christmas dinner! Who says that CRIME
>>>     doesn't pay?"

Easy. The one where Donald disguises to talk Uncle Scrooge into buying him
dinner. WDC&S 148 ("Turkey with all the Schemings") (Jan '53).

>>> 12. "Here goes, men! Merry Christmas, Mexican style!"

A "three dirty ducks" story. Donald eventually gets the boys to actually
want (or rather need) to have a bath, by leaving a pinata hanging in their
snow fort; the thing is fileld with castor oil. WDC&S 184 ("Three Un-Ducks")
(Jan '56).

Thanks a lot for this funny Christmas quiz!
some of  your quizes are hard enough, but here's a tough variant: instead of
quoting a story and asking which one it is, how about giving a title and
asking a quote (from memory) from it? ;)
For instance, do you remember any quote from the Cuspidoria story (WD&S 172,
Jan '55-- another variant: ask the story code and/or publication date)? I
don't; only vaguely-- "Santa won't find us here!"


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