Barks quiz - Twelve quotes of Christmas -- Olaf's answers

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Thu Dec 25 14:09:36 CET 2003


>>>> 1. "SELL him? For the love of jingle bells! Who would want a REINDEER?"
>>> Could be WDC 208 "The Code of Duckburg".

Oh yes, i'm sure that's this one! I remembered something about the code, but
somehow mixed it up with the camel. Of  course, it's this one!

>>>> 6. "Here is the deed - all filled out! Sign it on the dotted line!"
>> If a deed is what I think it is, this sounds like WDC 235 "Want To Buy An
>> Island?" to me, but that can't be correct, can it? No Christmasy about
>> one, I think...

Not even the publication date (WDC&S 235, April '60), which might have been
a connection. I hadn't thought of  that story.

>>>  9. "I'll drive this pernicious pellet clear to Christmas!" (Picture
>>> a Barks character on a chimney.)
>> I can remember only one story where a Barks character is shown on a
>> chimney: OS 1047 "The Stubborn Stork".

There's one of  the Donald & Gladstone golfing stories; the one where
Gladstone loses his luck for a moment whereas Donald keeps winning (WDC&S
131, Aug '51); at one point, Gladstone climbs on the club's chimney-- but
that's a golf  ball, not a pellet.
There's also "Letter to Santa"-- but no pellet.
I can't think of  other chimneys.


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