Gyro Gearloose's self-awareness

Olivier mouse-ducks at
Thu Dec 25 17:41:50 CET 2003


>>> Nice interpretation. Next to this, I look at Gyro as a person who's
>>> desperately searching for recognition. I think that pride is involved,
>>> at least.

Also, indeed. I think tehre's both the pride of  the work well done, and the
pride of  recognition as a scientist. His ambition is not vain, I think, but
intellectual; he would be proud to win a big prize, and would display it,
but I'm sure he would soon forget about it.

>>> Maybe he rather wants to paid with *patents* and *copyrights*, instead
>>> of just money. Money evaporates after a while, and recognition might
>>> be everlasting.

There's a story in which he decides to build a steam rocket after reading
about the centennary (?) of  Robert Fulton's steamboat.


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