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Hi all!

I was reading Previews Volume XIV, #1 and saw new previews for the Gemstone 
comics, so I thought I'd type them up here.

Donald Duck Adventures #5---Three long Disney adventure stories: Donald Duck 
and Cousin Fethry in "Return to TNT," the second adventure featuring our 
heroes as agents of a secret organization dedicated to investigating the 
paranormal; Mickey Mouse in "The Blot's Birthday Party," in which Mickey's arch-nemesis, 
The Phantom Blot convinces Mickey to kill himself!(dang! Disney comics are 
getting more daring all the time); and Uncle Scrooge in "The Secret 
Brotherhood," which takes Scrooge and the nephews in search of an ancient mystery. SC, 
7x10, 128 pg., FC $7.95

Donald Duck and Friends #314--- Donald once again tries to make something 
more exciting of his dreary life in "Once A Loser," drawn by Vicar. Mickey 
concludes his third adventure in Pat and Carol McGreal's Shambor epic in "Showdown 
in Shambor." And the Junior Woodchucks wrap the book in Pat and Shelly Block's 
"A Sudsy Scheme." FC 32 pg. $2.95

Mickey Mouse and Friends #263--- Mickey becomes involved in an interplanetary 
crisis in "Mickey Mouse, Space Ranger." Morty and Ferdie star in another 
adventure with the Riverside Rovers in "The Homer"(I hope these are good stories, 
because it appears we'll be stuck with them for awhile. Shambor was great so 
hopefully these will turn out that way as well, though obviously in a different 
way). And Goofy learns the pleasures of the simple things when he tries to 
soup up his automobile in "Goofy's Old Banger." FC 32 pg. $2.95

Uncle Scrooge #328--- Don Rosa outdoes himself in his lates Scrooge vs. 
Magica story, "Forget It." Alos in this blockbuster issue is a vintage William Van 
Horn Magica story, "The Bedeviled Dime," and a classic Uncle Scrooge story by 
Carl Barks, "The Tuckered Tiger." Cover by Don Rosa. SC, 7x10, 64 pg., FC 

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #643--- Willima Van Horn's ten-pager, "Ain't 
It The Truth," with Uncle Rumpus, leads this issue, along with two vintage 
Westren Publishing stories featuring Li'l Bad Wolf and Bucky Bug. Mickey and 
Donald stories are also featured, and Daan Jipes' redrawing of Carl Barks' Junior 
Woodchucks tale, " The Phantom Joker," wraps the book. SC, 7x10, 64 pg., FC 

Not a bad month really. Interesting to note that it looks like #263 is the 
first issue of MM and Friends not to feature Donald.

Derek Smith
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