Scrooge vs. Euro

Kai Saarto ksaarto at
Tue Feb 4 18:59:01 CET 2003

Rob Klein wrote:

> Perhaps Scrooge might even be able to KEEP all the bills and coins for FREE, 
> AND actually EARN MORE MONEY to do so, by winning the paid contract to dispose 
> of the bills and coins.  He would, thus, get all his money back and that of all 
> the other people; PLUS, earn more in doing so. He would now have even more 
> wonderful money to smell and swim and bathe in, and be the richer for it!! 
> THAT last scenario is MY VOTE for outcome to this question!!!!It fits Uncle 
> Scrooge best!!!

Haha! Agreed. This is the only scenario that actually made me laugh! 
This would make a fine 10-pager.

- Kai Saarto

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