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Dan Rosenberg dortmunder at
Wed Feb 26 01:17:47 CET 2003

Jenn wrote:

>Thank you for the welcome Dan!

 >I don't want to sound weird or anything but I was able to visit the office 
 >HQ of Disney comics in Prescott before they sadly went under.  And I 
 >remember everyone there being so sweet!  (Actually I have been there 
 >multiple times since I live in Arizona its only a 2 hour or so drive)   I  remember Susan Hamilton giving me a tour of the place and being so sweet and 
 >kind, and I miss that place.  *insert teary eyed look here*
 >And as a general rule I don't draw other peoples characters, but the ducks 
 >seem to be the only ones I do draw that aren't mine.  I'm in college 
 >currently studying fine arts, and hoping to possible get into animation or 
 >SOMETHING!  I do have some of my work up on websites, but I can't post my 

I wish I could help you out with some advice, Jenn. Alas, I don't actually work in comics but have been a fan of comic books and specifically Disney comics since I was a kid, much like yourself. I do know, however, that many professional comic producers, illustrators and writers are on this list. So, perhaps someone out there in the vast DCML cosmos can help you get a foot in.-D.

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