US Comics?!? H.W.Fluks at
Mon Jan 6 12:17:41 CET 2003

Stefan wrote about Gemstone:

> They tell that they *will* publish Rosa stories, but they 
> don't reveal 
> if they're only planning to reprint old stories or if they 
> also intend 
> to publish newer stories; however, I find it unlikely that they would 
> *not* publish his most recent stories.

Quote from Geppi interview (

> We are going to create some original works, but we want to 
> get up and running as soon as we can and the best way to do 
> that is to take advantage of the four-year window that we 
> have of things that have been published, that our market is 
> anxious to see.  I mean you talk to the Don Rosas of the 
> world and they say, "I want to see my stuff in English."

You talk to the Harry Flukses of this world and they say "I want to see
Rosa's stuff in English."


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