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> But it does contain an article about an Italian Paperinik
> video game that will soon be brought to the USA.  The
> English title of the game will be "(Disney's) PK: Out
> of the Shadows."  The main news that I find interesting
> is that the English name for "Paperinik" will not be
> "Superduck," it will be "PK" (which is short for
> "Platyrhynchos kineticus," supposedly Latin for "duck
> of energy").

As a "pker" (which is the italian name of "Pk's fans"), I'd like to say a
couple of things...
The videogame you're speaking about was released after two italian comics
series - PKNA (Paperinik New Adventures), fifty monthly issues, and the
following PK2, eighteen montly issues. Eventually, this brought to the
launch of several same-sized series just as MM (which however closed at
issue #12), X-Mickey, and the famous W.i.t.c.h
At the end of PKNA-PK2 storyline, the PkTeam - the team of
plotwriters-artists-and so on behind the comics - started a brand new
series, titled just "PK", which (at least in the original intentions) should
have been sold in foreign countries, and even in Usa, if the videogame's
launch would have been a success. Actually, italian readers are debating on
this new series, and the main reason why so many pkers don't like it, is its
elimination of Paperinik's past. In the PKNA series, Paperinik met One and
shortened his name in Pk, but he still had his past behind him, earning the
costume of Fantomius at Villa Rosa and so on: while, in PK, Donald Duck is
chosen  by One as a Guardian of Galaxy, never becoming Paperinik but just
chosing the superhero name of Pk. I haven't had a chance to play at the
videogame (which is limited to Playstation2 and Gamecube, at least for now),
but as far as I heard from other pkers, the plotline is pretty different
from the new series' one too.
Once, there were many Pk-devoted sites on the net. The updated sites are a
few number by now, but on Pkers (http://pk.immaginario.net) and PkGalaxy
Forum (http://pikeyforum.cjb.net) you'll find some english informations
about the three PK-series, the videogame, Pk's characters, and so on. Also,
Pk.TV (http://www.pkers.org) promotes a chat about Pk, which also has an
english chan for users from foreign countries: you can access this from
I apologize for not having time to post more details, but I don't have much
time to write right now - however, I know there are others pk-readers
subscribed on the mailing list, so feel free to reply to this thread :)

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