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>>>own a small book called "Donald Duck macht sein Glück" which 
describesDonald Duck's biography in a
>>>prose text with a few pictures. It is achildrens' book, published in 1976 
and is a (free) translation from
>>>theFrench. This story is (C) Disney 1966:

>>>Sounds like the book Cord Wiljes describes is a later printing of THE LIFE 
>>> thought it was an interesting read as it takes snapshots from many of the 
duck cartoon shorts. It is
>>>billed as "My only authorized biography (signed) d. duck".A facsimile of 
the 1941 classic book was
>>>released in 1994 by Applewood Books.Of special interest besides an 
accurate accounting of Donald's
>>>birth, it included:a recorded CD - with Carl Barks and Donald Duck in a 
fireside chat,a complete script 
>>> of the recording,a mail in offer entitling the purchaser to a free 
cassette of the program and a greeting of >>> card by Carl."Anything for a 

>>>The German edition only mentions the French edition as the copyright.

In French pm 294, a looooong article is published, about Donald's history 
from 1932/1934 to 1994.
about the year 1979, we see a picture of the book "the life of Donald Duck, 
this is my only authorized 
biography (signed) d. duck". a little text about it it written : "Première 
rétrospective de la carrière de Donald,
par Marcia Blitz, (Harmony Books). Une biographie plutôt fictive était déjà 
apparue en 1941." = "First review
 of Donald's career, by Marcia Blitz, (Harmony Books). A rather fictitious 
biography already appeared in

The 1994 book Dennis told us about is likely to be the same than the 1979 
book, because of Donald's signature.
But it's different from the 1941 book, according to Picsou Magazine (but I 
have still doubts, maybe it's a mistake from Picsou Magazine)
This makes at least two different biographies for Donald Duck.
About the 1966 French book, it's the same than the 1976 one for the 
illustration but the german translation
is free.According to Cord, the French one is the original. The only author 
quoted is "French text of C.
 Ciccione", and the book is printed in Italy. My guesses are that there could 
have been an italian source for
 both books. Anyway, this book cannot be the same than the 1979 one, (and so, 
neither than the 1994 one),
 because it's mentionned as first publication by Picsou Magazine. It could be 
the same than the 1941 one
 BUT there is another problem: it includes Bridgitta!!! Bridgitta didn't 
exist in 1941, and neither did scrooge!

so, there are 3 different biography books!!!

To them, we can add the 1960 Walt disney presents show "this is your life, 
Donald Duck", presented by
 Jiminy Cricket. (and i think there has been a comicbook adaptation of the 
show by strobl)
the author of the 1966 book MUST have seen the show, as it also quotes 
several different cartoons of
 Donald, such as the one with guardian angels...
that's 5 different biographies! I don't include the several stories taking 
place in Donald's youth! (Marco Rota, Strobl, Don Rosa,...)

Finally, I found this interresting page on the web :
I like the idea of an interaction between the author's world and the 
character's world...
But i don't agree with it :-)

Don Rosa once posted my theory about Donald Duck's life:

Maybe somebody who own some of the books quoted below could help us :-)

Gilles Maurice
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