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> Tommy wrote:
> > In PK, this last serie, Paperinik doesn't exist: the name PK come from
> > the code written on PK's weapon, which is "PK2370", how you noticed.
> In Sweden that code was changed into "SK2370" so that he still keeps his
> old name.
> >  I think this serie is worse than the two previous series,
> > overall because of the cancellation of the Paperinik's origins, but it
> > seems that this serie is selling more comics than the second one...
> Hm...  Could that be because of the video game?

In Italy the videogame didn't have so big success, but this new PK serie is
much suitable for children. I think children buy this PK comics much more
teens or adults.

> I personally think that
> PKNA and PK² are *much* better than the third PK series.

I agree
> >  jadorno at <mailto:jadorno at> wrote:
> >
> > > PK's second appearance was last December, in the video game, Disney's
> > > PK, released for Sony Playstation and for Nintendo Game Cube
> > > console
> >
> > In those games the name PK come from the latin words Platyrhyncos
> > Kineticus, which means Energized Duck...
> Has that "Platyrhyncos Kineticus" thing been used anywhere else?  I have
> so far only seen the first two parts of the third PK series, and they
> don't contain any strange new names, at least not in the Swedish
> translation.
No, Platyrhyncos Kineticus is only used in the videogame. There is also a
little comic which explain the origin of PK, based on the game: you cand
find it at the site of Disney Interactive England:

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