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Mon Mar 3 21:33:34 CET 2003

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> Has that "Platyrhyncos Kineticus" thing been used anywhere else?  I have
> so far only seen the first two parts of the third PK series, and they
> don't contain any strange new names, at least not in the Swedish
> translation.
The name "Platyrhyncos Kineticus" has not been used in any of the two former
Paperinik series, and not even in this new Pk, at least for now. If there
will ever be a link between the code on Pk's Extransformer and the
"Platyrhyncos Kineticus" in the future issues (last published has been #8)
we can't claim.
Also, don't wait for a bunch of brand strange new names - right now there
have been only a few new characters, but most of them (including guest
appearances) have been "inspired" - we could say "taken", even if they show
pretty different careers, characteristics, and personalities - from the
characters already existing in the PKNA and PK2 storyline. Only some weapons
have been occasionally renamed, in Italy at least.

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