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Tue Mar 4 03:21:50 CET 2003


A few months ago I made the entire Map of Duckburg from these issues
available here on the list.  I took the image down from my server just
before I left California to Shanghai.  I had scanned all nine parts into my
computer then matched the edges together (it wasn't easy since they are not
cut exactly), then painstakingly tried to match colors together and
clean-up the lines so it looked like one whole picture.  Then I shrunk it
down to a managable size.  I don't know if anyone saved the image (I think
someone said they did, but I forget who?), so since I don't have access to
my computer right now, maybe you can get the image from this person?

-Rich (in Shanghai)

Oh!!!! BTW, I found some Disney comics in Chinese!!!!! :-)  Not a lot and
they are only a few pages each, but it was still refreshing to see new
Disney comics being published.  I can add these to my international Disney
comics collection!

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