Map of Duckburg!

mateusz lis lis- at
Tue Mar 4 09:03:24 CET 2003


> A few months ago I made the entire Map of Duckburg from these issues
> available here on the list.  I took the image down from my server just
> before I left California to Shanghai.  I had scanned all nine parts into my
> computer then matched the edges together (it wasn't easy since they are not
> cut exactly), then painstakingly tried to match colors together and
> clean-up the lines so it looked like one whole picture.  Then I shrunk it
> down to a managable size.  I don't know if anyone saved the image (I think
> someone said they did, but I forget who?), so since I don't have access to
> my computer right now, maybe you can get the image from this person?

The map is available here:

Best wishes,

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