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Hey all - 

Finally something to contribute to this Mailing List of substance.

Living in China and starving for Disney, I have managed to find some Disney
Comics.  Sadly they are all in Chinese.  Still, as a collector of foreign
Disney Comics I am not as saddened by this as one might think.  In fact,
these books have been of some assistance in helping me understand the
language a little better (not much, but still a little).

After collecting about 12 of them I realized something was missing from the
DIZNI database!  Chinese translations of the character names!!! Sure
there¡¯s Mickey & Donald, but that¡¯s it!  No others are listed!  Suddenly
I¡¯m sitting on a goldmine!

Here¡¯s a list of some of the names I have been able to translate thus far.
I hope to get some more in time (I have another possible 3 to 6 months to
collect and translate).

These names are in a form of Chinese known as ¡°Pin Yin¡± which is a
Romanized version of the Chinese words, and interpreted with a Mandarin
dialect (I¡¯m in Shanghai, afterall!).

I find there is no hard and fast rule for the translation as sometimes the
names are either literally translated from English to Chinese, phonetically
translated from English to Chinese, or, at times they are given a uniquely
Chinese name.  I wasn¡¯t able to find sources for every name in comics
alone.  There are lots of educational-type materials available here which
utilize Disney characters, so I was able to find some that way, too.  If I
found more than one spelling I listed all.

If there is a difference known between what I found, and what is considered
¡°official¡± by sources like Egmont, please feel free to correct these
choices as I realize there may be some contradictory sources (especially
from companies that may be licensing the Disney product and creating their
own spellings).  The following are all from some Disney source (either
comics or educational or promotional material):

Beagle Boys = Be Xiong Di
Missus Betina Beakley (Missus B.) = Bi Tai Tai
Big Bad Wolf = Da Huai Lang
Bad Pete = Pi Te / Bi De
Butch (Mickey's Pal) = Ba Qi
Chip'n Dale = Qi Qi he Di Di
Christopher Robin = Luo Bin
Clarabelle Cow = Ke La Be Er
Daisy Duck = Dai Si
Detective Casey/Maneta = Zhen Tan Mei Ni
Donald Duck = Tang Lao Ya
DuckTales = Ya Bao Tan Xian Gu Shi
Eeyore = Yi Yo
Fethry Duck = Fan Si Rui
Flintheart Glomgold = Ge Lai Mu Ge De
Gladstone Gander = Ge Lai Shi Tong
Goofy = Gao Fei
Grandma Duck = Nai Nai
Gus Goose = Gu Si
Gyro Gearloose = Ji Lou
Horace Horsecollar = Hei Rui Si / Hei Si
Huey, Dewey & Louie = Hui Er, Du Er he Lu Er
Jaq & Gus = Gu Ke Si he Gu Si
Jiminy Cricket = Ji Mi Ni
Jose (Joe) Carioca = Qiao Ke Li Ou Ka
Junior Chickadees = Xiao Shan Que
Junior Woodchucks = Shao Nian Jun Xiao / Xiao Mei Zhou Han Ta
Kanga = Kang Ka
Launchpad McQuack = A Biao
Li'l Bad Wolf = Xiao Huai Lang
Little Hiawatha = Xiao Hai Wa
Ludwig Von Drake = Lu De Wei Ge
Mad Madam Mim = Nu Wu Mi Mu
Magica DeSpell = Ma Qi Ka
Mickey Mouse = Mi Lao Shu / Mi Qi  / Mi Ji
Minnie Mouse = Mi Ni 
Miss Quackfaster/Typefast = Tai Pu Fa Si Te Xiao Jie
Missus Bear = Xiong Tai Tai
Morty & Ferdie = Mao Di he Fu Di
Neighbor (J.) Jones  = Ling Ju Qiong Si
Owl = Mao Tou Yin
Piglet = Pi Jie
Pluto = Pu Lu Do
Rabbit = Rui Bi
Ranger Woodlore = Xun Luo Qi Bing  
Roo = Xiao Dou
Scuttle (Pete¡¯s criminal partner) = Si Ka Te Er
Three Little Pigs = San Zhi Xiao Zhu
Tigger = Tiao Tiao Hu
Uncle Scrooge = Shi Gao Zhi Shu Shu
Webby = Wei Bi
Winnie the Pooh = Xiao Xiong Wei Ni

I did a little extra research in cases with Gloria, Maria, Roxanne, Newton,
Humphrey and Ellsworth since those are actual names already phonetically
translated to Chinese.  The following are proper translations (acceptable
according to dictionaries and local Shanghainese who helped me), but I
could find no ¡°official¡° Disney sources so they're probably not valid
enough for the database:

April, May & June = Si Yue, Wu Yue he Liu Yue 
Bolivar = Bo Li Wa Er
Brer Bear = Xiong Xiong Di              
Brer Fox = Hu Li Xiong Di 
Butch the Bulldog = Ba Qi  Niu Tou Quan                 
Brigetta MacBridge = Bu Li Gi Te
Dinah = Dai Na
Dugan Duck (Biquinho) = Du Gan Ya
Ellsworth = Ai Er Si Wo Si
Fifi = Fei Fei
Figaro = Fei Gou Luo
Gilbert = Ge Le Be Ti
Gloria (Fethry's girfriend) = Ge Lao Rui Ya
Maria Vaz (Jose¡¯s girlfriend) = Ma Li Ya
Max (Goofy Junior) = Ma Ke Si (Xiao Gao Fei)
Max Hare = Ma Ke Si Ye Tu
Melody = Mei Lao Dai
Moby Duck = Mao Bi Ya
Mortimer Mouse, Uncle = Mao Di Ma Shu Shu
Mortimer Rodent = Mao Di Ma       
Nestor = Nei Si Te                            
Newton = Niu Dun
Panchito = Ban Qi Tou
P.J. (Pete Junior) = Xiao Pi Te
Practical, Fiddler & Fifer = Shi Ji De, La Ti Qun De Ren he Chui Di Zi De
Humphrey the Bear = Han Fu Lai
Percy and Patricia Pigg = Zhu Po Xi  he  Pa Te Li Xia
Peter Pig = Zhu Pi Te
Roxanne = Luo Ke Shan Na
Tabby = Tai Bi
Trudy = Te Lu Di
Witch Hazel  = Wu Po Hei Zi Er


Rich Bellacera

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