My last OT comment on the subject of my fellow Americans...

Dan Shane danshane at
Wed Aug 4 19:21:14 CEST 2004


> Most americans, even though they have the worlds cheapest 
> gasoline, complain loudly when the price increase a few 
> cents. Pointing out to them that what they pay the same for 
> one gallon of fuel that a Norwegian pays for one liter has no 
> influence on them (most wouldn't know what a liter is). They 
> still insist on driving their huge, gas guzzling SUVs, and 
> take any suggestion that they might consider a more 
> economical car as an attack on their personal "freedom". Not 
> to mention their right to pollute.


You forgot to mention that while American non-comics readers are fuming
about the increasing price of gasoline (or petrol to our enlightened
European friends) they continue to shell out 4 times the amount for bottled
water.  Water!  In a country where most residents can turn on the tap and
receive just about the cleanest, best tasting H-2-O on the planet!

Did you know that the Coca-Cola company (whom Keenan Wynn claims Peter
Sellers still has to answer to) charges MORE for 16 ounces of water than
they do for their name-sake main product?  And millions of Americans gladly
pay it?  And yet I still beef about the cost of Gemstone comics because I'm
afraid that the price will steer people away from some good reading.  I'm
tapped in a world I never made.


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