Danish Donaldist summer meeting

Lars Jensen lpj at forfatter.dk
Fri Aug 13 00:23:31 CEST 2004

Harry Fluks wrote:

> I put a few photographs of this [DDF(r)] meeting on the web at:
> http://dd50.inducks.org/fotos/j2004/p04-05.html
> After the meeting I went on a tour through Denmark, meeting Soeren KO,
> Ole RN, Lars J [...]

To which Olaf Solstrand responded:

> About the DDF(R) meeting: Thanks, Harry! (Lars = Jensen?)

Just to clarify: The "Lars" who was at the DDF(r) meeting, and who can
be seen on Harry's photos, was (and is) not me. According to DDF(r)'s
website (http://ddfr.dk/) the host of the meeting was named "Lars
Skovmand", so I'm guessing it's him we see.

The "Lars J" that Harry met later *was* me, though. I think.


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