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>     As I watched the movie I saw why this movie would be especially
> appropriate for including a Gemstone order form.  The narrator (a
> turtle) begins telling the story by reading out of a comic book.  And
> when the film ends, the credits are given in a comic book format.  I
> noticed that the comic book the turtle is reading is priced 25 cents.

Disney animator: Say, we should put a price on this comic. Whattaya 

Animation supervisor: Hmm...last time I bought a comic, I think I paid 
25 cents.

Disney animator: Sounds good to me.

> So, Gary, do we have any 25 cent comics books from Gemstone to look
> forward to in the near future?  :)

Not officially.


> Leonard Maltin, the film critic and narrator/coordinator for the 
> Disney Treasures DVD's, has included clips of covers from the early 
> 1930 and 1940 Mickey Mouse Magazine and  Walt Disney Comics and 
> Stories in the Wave 3 Donald Duck DVD. I have recently sent email to 
> his web site saying that it would be nice if in 
> future DVDs he could also show some of the latest covers and even 
> mention Gemstone to help revitalize Disney comics. I hope others will 
> also write to him to help achieve the same.

Thanks for bringing this up. It sure couldn't hurt.


> Don Rosa wrote:
>> I am of the school of thought that a
>> comic book script and art should be done by a single person
>> to have that special spark.
> Goscinny and Uderzo made wonderful Asterix stories together.

Yes they did - they were a real team. I have enjoyed the Asterix 
stories Uderzo himself has written, but they just don't have that 
special spark of the classic Goscinny/Uderzo collaborations.

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