Theresa Wiegert theresaw at
Fri Aug 20 19:59:06 CEST 2004

> >> I am of the school of thought that a
> >> comic book script and art should be done by a single person
> >> to have that special spark.
> >
> > Goscinny and Uderzo made wonderful Asterix stories together.
> Yes they did - they were a real team. I have enjoyed the Asterix
> stories Uderzo himself has written, but they just don't have that
> special spark of the classic Goscinny/Uderzo collaborations.

But that all comes back to what you are used to as the original form,
doesn't it? The original Asterix was made by a duo. Original Rosa stuff
is a one-person job. Changing any of that makes the comic somewhat lose
the 'spark', because it's not the original, what we are used to and love,
The new thing could of course also be good... but it would be a new thing,
i e not really comparable in my opinion!


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