D 2003-121

Stefan Persson spe at inducks.org
Mon Aug 23 20:13:52 CEST 2004

Fernando Ventura wrote:
> Is it REALLY drew by José Maria Millet Lopez, as we see in Inducks
> (http://coa.inducks.org/coa/c1/story.php/0/D+2003-121)?
> To me it looks as a Vicar story!

According to the Inducks dump file (dump.udm):

   /            D 2003-121     12        PHl JMl ?   DD
de/MM2003-53b  D 2003-121     12        PHe VR      DD
dk/AA2003-51c  D 2003-121     12 4b                 DD
fi/AA2003-52c  D 2003-121     12 4b     PHe VR      DD
no/DD2003-51c  D 2003-121     12                    DD
se/->          D 2003-121     12 4b     PHe VR  ?   DD

(some irrelevant information removed to make the lines shorter)

So the story file credits Millet while the German, Finnish and Swedish 
files credit Vicar.  The writer credits also differ.


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