The Sharpie Of Cluebra Cut And Other Unprinted Rosa Stories (in the US)

Thomas Pryds Lauritsen thomas at
Fri Feb 27 22:16:13 CET 2004

Jonathan H. Gray wrote:
> Curiosity is getting the better of me. Has "The Sharpie Of Culebra Cut" 
> seen print in America yet and if so in what Uncle Scrooge issue did it 
> see print?

It hasn't seen print in the US yet:

> Lastly, how many Rosa stories do we have left to catch up on? I'm 
> practically aching to see Letter From Home, Dream Of A Lifetime, and the 
> Kalevalavelavalevalavaelvalevalealaelelavllvaelvlelvalalvlevlvelvelveva 
> (can you tell I have no clue how to spell that thing? ^___^) story.
> Anybody have any insight?

The Inducks database has :-)

Select "story" in the "Layout" drop-down menu. Write "Don Rosa" in the 
"Creators/art or story" field. Scroll down a bit and check "Story was 
NOT reprinted in USA". That should give you what you look for :-)

Thomas Pryds Lauritsen

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