Scarpa's first Donald story

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This is called in french 'Le mystère des écrevises en civet' 'Paperino e i gamberi in salmi' (mickey parade 1 january 1980, Topolino 132 year 1956 (first italian publication); The first story of Donald by Romano Scarpa is a complex and humorous one which mixes elements of film 'noir' and tell the mysterious case of the abduction of a supposed famous east scientist; the story seems to be in background a critic about the east of Europe totalitarism of the time but more than that introduces some singularities in the world of Duckburg; in this fifties story, the landscape of Duckburg is still marked by the Barks imaginary of the town, this latter seems to be here a typical american city with big skyscrapers whereas a decade later Duckburg has in the italian stories a more mediterranean feeling; an another singularity is in the character of the journalist which make an important apparition in the story and in the intrigue and the plot; i may be wrong but i don't know if this character has ever been used for some others plots since this story; Donald has also an important part in the story whereas Scrooge play only a second part to be used for the plot and particularly for unravelling the mystery; the action is fast for this story which bizzarely has a Gottfredson-esque feeling of film noir better adapted to the Mickey Mouse's stories.
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