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Fri Mar 5 22:28:37 CET 2004

På Fri, 05 Mar 2004 19:30:38 +0100, skrev Frank Bubacz 
<frankbubacz at hotmail.com>:

> The 'Hall of Fame' series will be published in Germany as well, starting 
> with Rosa in April and Vicar in August, and I'm looking forward to it.

Hold on. Did you say Rosa in April and Vicar in August? Scarpa is supposed 
to be somewhere inbetween.

> I'm really curious about the proposed book dedicated to Romano Scarpa: 
> seeing that most of his best comics are 3-tiers, will these be included 
> in this format, which seems to be designed for 4-tiers? Can anybody tell 
> me more about the content of this particular 'Hall of Fame'-book? Olaf 
> maybe?

About the Scarpa book? Well, it's not printed yet... What puzzles me, is 
that the first book only had 150 pages of comics, while Scarpa's stories 
often are pretty long - my favourite Scarpa story is 249 pages long!

I don't think this will be a huge problem, except for when counting the 
pages. After all, 3-tiers can easily be printed on the same pages as 4- 
tiers - like when the Scandinavian weeklies printed "The Fantastic River 
Race" by Barks about two years ago for Walt Disney's 100th birthday.

>From what I understand from editor Solveig Thime, Scarpa has written a 
beautiful foreword to this book. He was asked to write introductions to all 
the stories - and managed to do so to one of them. I assume the book will 
contain an additional article by a great Scarpa fan (like the first Rosa 
book held an introduction by Øystein Sørensen). As to which stories will be 
printed, I don't know. I cross my fingers that the Scarpa book will hold 
more pages than the Rosa book, so that we won't get many less stories 
because Scarpa was writing in a format requiring him to write more pages. 
Also, I cross my fingers that we will get as many stories as possible 
Scarpa has actually WRITTEN.

But everything I can contribute with in this discussion is guessing.

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