To Pete or not to Pete

GGK ggk at
Sun May 9 18:47:32 CEST 2004

Eta Beta :

> How many DCML List members does it take to change a lightbulb?

I love dis joke Eta Beata, good job :-)))
And It give me to think. How many of us (DCML members) is here anny way?

David Gerstein :

>Pete is the BEAR in the Alice Comedies and later the Oswald cartoons.
>He is first called Bootleg Pete in ALICE SOLVES THE PUZZLE, but later
>gets other names like Putrid Pete, and Pegleg Pete. In these early days
>he's a little thinner than later, and his pegleg is a little longer

People sey Pete is a cat, I perssonly think his more of a Dog and Now I
found out theat he was orginally a Bear.

I remember theat olsow in some old/erly Mickey Mouse cartoons Pete he have a
Tale and now it's gone.

David Gerstein :

>Pete began to get fatter and wear more clothes. Finally he turns from a
>bear into a cat (by virtue of his nose and ears getting shorter)

A Bear evol's in to a Cat... Sound like some sort of a Pokemon.

Eta Beta :

>So, we can say that it is historically true and estabilished that
>the early bear and the later cat are indeed the same character,
>weird as it may sound ?

Why not. Maby he had some sort of plastic sergery :-)
For me moust desterbing part is theat Pete had a Peg leg and letter his
normal leg it grown back.


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