Barks NEW story?

mateusz lis lis- at
Sun May 9 20:34:12 CEST 2004

Maciek wrote:
> There is is dis Italian

Is it really Italian story? It is drawn by Italian artist, but for Danish

> story "Fajna Fucha" (Polish Title),
> Code "D/D 2001-006" script by Goeffrey Blum, and Drawing's
> by Fecchi. In it a rely clever rat made Scrooge in to buy'ing
> cesse for he and his frends or else he will eat Scrooge's
> "10 000 000" Dolar bil, and soon Rat's take over the
> Money bin.
> Anny way it is told theat dis story is based on a Carl Barks
> idea. Ennybothy can tell me or k'now were I can find some Info
> what the Orginal Bark's idea for dis story was?

As far as I know Barks wrote a script for a cartoon in the 50-ties. Blum
took some ideas from this script and wrote the story which you mentioned. By
the way, about two years ego there was quite silmilar story (with quite
similar story code - D/D 2001-021) in the weeklies, written and drawn by
Daan Jippes, who was also inspired by Barks script. In my opinion, Jippes
story was much better than Blum's one, without this "magic" part and there
was a good explenation why mouse was so intelligent.
I think Daniel van Eijmeren (or maybe someone else?) can write more about
Barks' script. Or you can search for some info about it on his website:

Best wishes,
Mateusz Lis

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