Barks NEW story?

GGK ggk at
Sun May 9 22:06:16 CEST 2004

> Is it really Italian story? It is drawn by Italian artist, but for Danish
> publisher.

Sorry, my Goof.

> As far as I know Barks wrote a script for a cartoon in the 50-ties. Blum
> took some ideas from this script and wrote the story which you mentioned.

I got previosly a praivet E-mail from Olaf Solstrand. In it he wrout :

"The story is based on a cartoon synopsis Barks sent to Disney Studios
January 12th 1955. It was supposed to be made into a cartoon, but it was
never finished. (...) Its original title is (according to INDUCKS)
"Powerplay on Killmotor Hill" - however, INDUCKS
contains no information at all of Barks' role in this story..."

But thanks Anny way.

> the way, about two years ego there was quite silmilar story (with quite
> similar story code - D/D 2001-021) in the weeklies, written and drawn by
> Daan Jippes, who was also inspired by Barks script. In my opinion, Jippes
> story was much better than Blum's one, without this "magic" part and there
> was a good explenation why mouse was so intelligent.

I personly like dis Blum's story (I don't remember Jippes). It has some nice
gag's, sense and pictures. I like a smal joke wen the cat from Disney's
"Alice in Wonderland" made aperence. Only one thing bother me in dis story :
Blum's shown Gladstone's luck like it was some short of Magic/Psichic power
(see pages 20-21) You k'now, the part  wen Gladsnton sey obaut turning the
energy force and thean he started zaping with thouse ray's from hes hands
(who is supouse to be? Magica?)... But It was propebly just a gag.


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