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<<DC Comics does not reprint old Mort Weisinger era stories in SUPERMAN, nor 
does it run Julius Schwartz edited stories in GREEN LANTERN.  For better 
(...or sometimes worse), DC continues to break new ground in its periodical titles. 
 Why would we ask differently of Gemstone? >>

Because we expect better comics from Gemstone than from DC or Marvel?

The only reason I mentioned USA reprints is that I know that those stories 
are readable -- I have most of them.  You must be right  that there are good 
Mouse stories being produced now --
but frankly, I am reading about 2 pages in these current Gemstone Mouse 
stories, and then putting them down-- i can not finish them ( with the exception 
that as bad as the soccer stories are, I can at least read them-).  

I no longer read DC and Marvel superhero comics (except their reprints and 
yes, i buy most of DC's humor comics) - having bought Mickey Mouse comics for 
almost 40 years  (the years they were being published)--I would like to continue 
to buy them.... 
... but I dont have to buy them, and if I cant find something to read in 
them, then the smartest thing for me to do is to stop......
... being an optimist, i plan to give them a few more months ....
but am starting to resign myself to being new Mickey-less.....

steven rowe

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