DCML Digest Issue 15

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Thu May 13 14:49:07 CEST 2004

> From: "hans  kiesl" <hans.kiesl at sowi.uni-bamberg.de>
> Subject: Song (partly) about Don Rosa
> The song tells the story of Sven, a boy who is waiting in the
> queue in front of a bookshop. The queue is there because Don
> Rosa's in town (actually in the city of Berlin), signing his albums.
> Fighting back his tears, Sven remains waiting in the queue until
> he has finally made it to Don Rosa's drawing desk, where he asks:
> "Please, Mr. Don Rosa, could you write: Fur Hans-Dieter Kaiser".
> That is, he asks for a dedication not to him, but to his father.

Well...? So, tell me how the story comes out? Did I sign the book for the
father? Did everyone live happily ever after? (I hope so! I sympathize with
the father -- I hate standing in lines, and it causes me constant distress
when I am the cause of so many people doing just that, that so many people
in Europe must stand in line for so many hours simply to get my hasty
autograph... but all I can do is write my name as fast as I can for as many
hours as they let me so nobody goes away empty handed after so much
Can you get me a copy of this CD? I don't understand anything but English,
but it might be fun to have... even if all I hear is "blah blaaah blahblah
blaaaah Herr Don Rosa blahhh blahblah blaahhh..."
I wonder why Sven calls me "Mr. Don Rosa" rather than just "Mr. Rosa".
Another example of the Europeans who think the odd-sounding "Don Rosa" is
obviously a fake pen-name?

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