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Hi all!

First, I want to say that I don't envy people like Gary Leach and John Clark. 
They obviously have a tough job and in some situations (perhaps the reprint 
thing) they're darned if they do and darned if they don't. No one way will 
satisfy everyone I'm sure. To a certain extent, I think they've answered the 
situation in the sense that there are obviously a lot more 'new' (new as in never 
published in English) stories than reprints. They still do a few more reprints 
than I personally would like, but you couldn't necessarily accuse them of 
being reprint crazy or anything. Perhaps Rodney's suggestions would be a good 
thing as well as Joe's. 

As far as how anything would affect the new reader, one who is just getting 
into Disney comcs, I don't know. They can't miss reprints they've never read 
before in a sense. Perhaps if they like the new Disney stories, that will compel 
them to buy older Gladstone/Disney issues to see the older stories (at least 
that's what I've done over the years). It would be interesting to know, out of 
the people that are currently buying Gemstone, how many of them are actually 
new readers, not 'old-timers' (like me?) who missed Disney comics and are glad 
they're back and buying them again. 

I think Gemstone is more or less on the right track as far as reprints go, 
but I think there's room for improvement. Like just reprinting Don Rosa's "Curse 
of Nostrildamus." I guess if it was new to me, I wouldn't have minded it, but 
I had bought the Gladstone issue where it originally appeared a few months 
ago. So it's the same situation, not everybody has read certain stories, etc. 
Though I guess the only 'foolproof' way out of that is to print only 'new' 
stories, since no one would have read them (unless they can read the languages the 
stories were originally published in). I guess that's one reason why I like 
DDA so much (and am looking forward to MMA): because of the format of those 
stories, they all pretty much have to be new to the U.S.

Derek Smith
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