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Hi all!

Here are the previews of Gemstone comics for August 2004 from Previews Volume 
XIV #6.

Mickey Mouse Adventures #1 (Yay!) --- The debut issue of this all-new Disney 
digest title features three long adventure stories: Mickey Mouse in "Mouse on 
the Lam," Donald Duck in "The Mummy," and Goofy's adventureous relative, 
Arizona Dipp, in "Idol of the Scaredies!" Mickey and Goofy cover by Pat Block. SC, 
5x7, 128 pages, FC $7.95.

Donald Duck and Friends #319 --- After a failed attempt to convince Scrooge 
to buy new computers, Donald takes a job at MicroFloppy in "The Human Touch." 
Then Mickey undergoes a routine eye exam and winds up with X-Ray vision in 
Here's Looking Through You!" And Donald wraps the book with a good car wreck in 
"Dozy Parker!" FC, 32 pages $2.95

Mickey Mouse and Friends #268 --- Mickey discovers a lost city of birdmen in 
Stefan Petrucha and Cesar Feroli's "The City of Zoom!" Then, in "Donald's 
Cousin," Donald pretends to be his own relative, with predictable results! PLUS: 
"Trapped by Haphazard" (featuring Goofy!) and "Horace's Travails" (starring 
Horace Horsecollar)<--- (Horace doesn't deserve an exclamation point?) wrap up 
this issue! FC, 32 pages $2.95

Uncle Scrooge #333 --- "Billions to Sneeze At," Carl Barks' classic 10-pager 
from WDC&S #124, details Scrooge's worst nightmare come true when he becomes 
allergic to cash! Then the Beagle Boys hijack Scrooge's new luxury 
liner/submarine during its maiden voyage in "The Polar Princess!" Other stories featuring 
Scrooge, as well as Gyro and Fethry, round out the book. SC, 7x10, 64 pages, 
FC $6.95

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #648 --- Donald and the nephews' picnic on 
the beach turns into a survivalist's nightmare in William Van Horn's latest 
10-pager, "A Beach Bummer!" Then the beach theme continues with Carl Barks' 
classic "Life Guard Daze" from WDC&S #33! Stories featuring Mickey, Daisy, Big Bad 
Wolf(Kick out the canine for Bucky Bug! "I don't want to do anything bad!" 
"You gots to to be a big bad wolf son!" "Awww, Dad!"),  and the Junior Woodchucks 
round out this issue. SC, 7x10, 64 pages, FC $6.95

Walt Disney's The Three Musketeers Movie Adaptation --- The official 
adaptation of Disney's "The Three Musketeers," a direct-to-DVD movie starring Mickey, 
Donald, and Goofy! This adaptation of the classic adventure story will be 
released in conjunction with the DVD in August and stars Mickey, Donald, and Goofy 
in the title roles, with Minnie and Daisy as ingenues and The Beagle Boys, 
Peg-Leg Pete, and Clarabelle(that's right!) <----(not an aside by me) as the 
villians! FC, 32 pages. $3.95(It has a prestige format cover, hence the extra 
dollar. Rip that thing off and call it $2.95 ;)

Oh, yeah, lest I forget the most important thing coming out in August :P

Lizzie McGuire Cine-Manga Volume 7 GN --- Written by Terri Minsky. Over the 
Hill & Just Friends--- Lizzie's got a lot on her mind these days (Really?). Not 
only is she fretting about what to do with her life (star in another teen 
queen movie), she's suddenly beginning to feel old (She probably won't be famous 
for long, so grab it while you can honey!). This doesn't bode well for her 
confidence, especially with the Sadie Hawkins Dance coming up (Another catfight 
with Lindsay Lohan?) Will she be crowned the dancing queen...or just a dancing 
fool? Meanwhile, when Lizzie's little brother Matt stays up late watching a 
scary movie, will he get a fright in the night? SC, 5x7, 96 pages, FC (7 of 7) 

Oh for crying out loud, next to Lizzie McGuire is a Malcom In The Middle 
Cine-Manga. This stuff is going too far! ;P

All in all, not too bad. Can't wait for MMA!! And one of the reprints is new 
to me (in WDC&S).

Derek Smith
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